TSMExplorer 2.9.1
updated libraries
many many small perfect changes
added fast access to node, domain, schedile from any points of interface (just click on name from details)
TSMExplorer 2.8.1
many small changes
TSMExplorer 2.7.8
ordinary users can access to theirs nodes for personal monitoring
modified dialog add/update servers (enterprise tab)
small changes
TSMExplorer 2.7.5
add select/deselect all checkbox into header of table
fixed exception for online activity log
compatible with tsm 7.1.8
small changes
TSMExplorer 2.7.3
modified view directory pool
added replication retention
added set monitorstatus
many small visual changes
new logout form
TSMExplorer 2.7.0
decrease number of request to TSM servers
change work with object for define/update schedule
refactoring code
Public demo
TSMExplorer 2.6.5
Added role Operator for users
small changes for compatible 8.1.2
TSMExplorer 2.6.2
Compatible with Spectrum Protect 8.1.2
Added LDAP authentication for TSMExplorer
TSMExplorer 2.6.1
Modified dashboard
TSMExplorer 2.6.0
Modified dashboard
TSMExplorer 2.5.9
Fixed problem with charts in IE 10, 11
TSMExplorer 2.5.8
Added Azure for define/update cloud storage
TSMExplorer 2.5.7
Fixed pool statistic
TSMExplorer 2.5.6
Changed TSM ART agent
fixed problem with out of memory for CLI for big requests and imporoved stability
many small changes
TSMExplorer Agent 2.2.0 and TSMExplorer ART Agent 1.0.0
new agent for remote manage of nodes
removed work through browser. Only through TSMExplorer
decreased of size agent
optimization code and global refactoring
remove ART function from agent
TSMExplorer 2.5.2
Fixed problem for report with too many summary
Added a links for open separate node information window
Added statistic for server/domain space usage in collector tab (daily amount)
small changes
TSMExplorer 2.5.0
Fixed problem with chart for replication
Fixed small problems with risk nodes item
Updated Derby DB libraries
small changes
TSMExplorer 2.4.8
Added work with risk interval for nodes, for default interval and for VM
Added tree's item Risk nodes
Added risk column for VM
TSMExplorer 2.4.6
many small changes for charts
TSMExplorer 2.4.4
fixed couple bugs
change view for some charts
fixed function search in command line
added chart 'space usage' for every node (increase/descrease of size's node in time)
TSMExplorer 2.4.1
fixed leak memory
TSMExplorer 2.4.0
Optimization code
Minor bug fixed
TSMExplorer 2.3.7
Fixed problem with large activity log in reports
TSMExplorer 2.3.6
Added export table to Excel
Fixed export table for Safari
TSMExplorer 2.3.4
minor bug fixed
TSMExplorer 2.3.0
more stability
changed start window for servers tab
fast open server's tab
minor bug fixed
many small changes
TSMExplorer 2.2.4
global refactoring code
java 8 compatible only
added dudepstat items for directory and cloud pools
small changes
many many many small changes
TSMExplorer 2.1.5
fixed problem define/update script for windows 2012
refactoring code
small changes
TSMExplorer Agent 2.0.0
Added module "Automated Restore Testing". Set key "ART" to true in app.cfg for activation ART function in agent
Updated libraries
TSMExplorer Server 2.0.0
Added backup TSMExplorer DB every day. Key "BACKUP_DB" in app.cfg
Small changes in start dashboard
Added module "Automated Restore Testing"
Enlarge fields size for ADSM request in resport from 500 to 5000
Change Daily Amount from pie to horizontal bar
Fised rare problem with view date
Many small changes
Minor bug fixed
Updated libraries
TSMExplorer Server
Fixed bug with alert (swap html and plain in last version)
TSMExplorer Agent 1.2.8
small changes
updated libraries
TSMExplorer Server 1.9.5
Global refactoring
TSMExplorer Server 1.9.4
Change view items tree of server
Added start dashboard
Add command "move container"
TSMExplorer Server 1.9.4
Modified view charts
TSMExplorer Server 1.9.1
Modified view events
Change pie charts to donut charts
Fixed problem with "Daily Amount" for collector
TSMExplorer Server 1.9.0
Fixed bug with view bar chart if exists change winter/summer time for range date (thanks Juraj Ferencik)
Fixed problem with define/update scripts for windows installation
TSMExplorer Server 1.8.9
Many msnay small cosmetic changes
TSMExplorer Server 1.8.8
Fixed problem with encoding in reports
TSMExplorer Server 1.8.7
Increased font for dialog windows
Added field "notes" for registred servers
Fixed possible memory leak
minor bug fixed
TSMExplorer Server 1.8.6
Fixed problem with encoding
modified storage and container cloud view
modified works with alerts
minor bug fixed
TSMExplorer Server 1.8.4
Modified function "copy rows"
Added function "save copy of report to disk"
Modified view directory storage pool
Added button "detail" in every alerts row
Many small changes
Move replication chart from "Daily amount" to "Replication"
Updated RAP libraries
TSMExplorer Server 1.8.2
Modified view occupancy
Added select nodes for report by mask