You can send request to to get temporary license keys
Next information is required to generate temporary license:
- TCP/IP address of TSM Server(s)
- Machine Globally Unique ID ( "query status" ) of TSM Server(s)
- company name (optional)

TsmExplorer Server (ver. - 2.4.5)
Windows, AIX, Linux, OSX, Solaris
Manual TSMExplorer.pdf
Unzip file and read README.txt for run
View Screenshots
TsmExplorer Agent - (ver. - 2.1.1) free
Windows tsmagent.exe
AIX tsmagent.aix.tar.gz
Linux tsmagent.linux.tar.gz
Solaris tsmagent.solaris.tar.gz
Unzip file and read README.txt for UNIX system.
TsmExplorer GUI (ver.- 1.0.5). It's old version TSMExplorer for TSM version 5.x, 6.1, 6.2 only!
(It's free)
Windows tsmexplorer.exe
Linux tsmexplorer.tar.gz
Mac OS X TSMExplorer.dmg
Unzip file and read README.txt for UNIX system
Tests were conducted to TSM version 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
NOTE: Make sure to have a working copy of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)